Welcome to Whereis.lu

In the last century, before anyone had heard of Google®
and the Internet was for sending E-Mail . . .
the only way that web sites could have location maps
was to have someone draw one or make an (illegal?)
copy from another source.

At that time Whereis.lu was a database of all the post codes and communes in Luxembourg.
A map was stored in the database for each postcode and you could send an e-mail to
find@whereis.lu” with the postcode, town/village or commune name in the message text
and Whereis.lu would reply automatically with the map attached.

If you were a company with a web site and wanted a location map you could buy one from
Whereis.lu and a custom made map would be produced from the standard commune maps,
you could then use this map on your web site and this would be put into the database so
that if anyone was looking for your company all they had to do was send an e-mail with the
company name in the message text and Whereis.lu would automatically reply with the
map of the company location.

Now we are in the 21st century and Google® knows what everybody wants to buy even
before they do.
And we don't need maps any more because we all have GPS on our mobile telephones.

BUT . . . . . . .